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The Law Firm for Software-as-a-Service

We can talk the talk because we’ve walked the walk with experience in representing nearly all company stages and sizes in the SaaS business.

We provide legal services that are tailored specifically to the Software-as-a-Service industry

Having worked in-house and as outside counsel to SaaS companies ranging from pre-revenue startups to billion-dollar conglomerates, we are qualified to assist with your SaaS and tech legal needs.

We have the skillset to immediately plug-in to SaaS legal departments with heavy commercial contracting demands. We also represent SaaS companies that do not yet have legal departments and whose needs range from single-contract negotiation to in-depth legal advising.


General Counsel Background

In-House SaaS Legal Team Commercial Contract Support

We can plug-in to your SaaS legal department immediately to relieve bottlenecks. We have lived the SaaS legal contract flow process, we understand sales, product and vendor department pressures, as well as enterprise SaaS licensing, reseller, referral, RFP’s (government and private), data integration, and vendor agreements. First and foremost, we understand the need to make deals happen and not hold them up. Put simply, we are a likable bunch that enjoys creating good working relationships and getting the job done. We take pride in making your legal department look good at reasonable rates.

Contract Counsel Background

SaaS Outside Counsel

Many SaaS companies are not yet ready to hire full-time in-house counsel. No problem! In an a-la-carte capacity, we represent companies across multiple verticals ranging from startups to companies whose annual recurring revenue is in the hundreds of millions. We will learn your SaaS business quickly so that we can advise, negotiate, draft, and guide you in all of your company legal needs as often or as little as you like. We are often asked to fill the role of outside general counsel where we can advise you on all matters legal. Our rates are reasonably similar to what it would cost to pay in-house counsel but on an as-needed basis to fit your budget.

Legal strategy background

SaaS/Tech Legal Strategy

Whether you are a new founder or have multiple exits under your belt – you can benefit from different perspectives and experiences. We at SaaS Law have experience building legal teams and processes including advising technology companies regarding contract strategy and processes; overall technology company legal strategy; advisement on data laws and regulations; general legal support.

Attorney Homepage Background

Rob Congelliere, Esq.

Co-Founder and Board Member of SaaS Law

Rob graduated from the J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University after also completing an undergraduate degree at BYU in Economics. After law school, Rob worked in private law practice ranging from small shops with only a handful of lawyers to large international law firms. He also worked as in-house counsel in SaaS ranging from startups to large corporate operations. He has a passion for people and process with the experience and perspective to help your company find room for growth while limiting risk. A true partner that understands that your vision is going to require a bit of both.

Rob is located in proximity to the surf in Southern California but is available virtually and can travel as necessary. He is licensed to practice law in California, New York and Utah. Rob enjoys time on the beach, family, and volleyball. Problem-solving and helping others are Rob’s purposes.

CTA Background

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